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Why didn’t we get the MC9900 SOONER?

Well today we finally received our first Janome Memory Craft 9900 (thanks to the great people at All Freight Australia for delivery on a Saturday), I know that the MC9900 has been out for a couple of months and normally we would be one of the first to get a new Janome model. For some reason we have been slack in getting one in and for this we are very disappointed with ourselves.

From the moment the 9900 went on the bench this morning I (Peter) knew that it was going to be a very popular model. Full disclosure here we are exclusive Janome dealers and we love pretty much everything Janome, but that doesn’t mean we have the above reaction to every new model, some take a bit of time to grow on us. The interchangable face colour is the first decision you have to make and I went with the nice blue, turquoise really instead of the standard red face that the machine shipped with.

From there it was a matter of having deciding if it would a sewing or an embroidery morning and embroidery won out today, like it normally does. Easy to use, crisp, colour touch screen, a good number of designs to choose from and we were away for a morning adventure. I chose a nice bright Jacobean style embroidery for the larger RE20a hoop (170x200mm), these are the new style hoops similar to what you get with the Memory Craft 12000 and are great hoops to use because they are deep and hold the tension on your fabric once it is hooped. All that done and I find that the 9900 has the new Easy-Set-Bobbin and easy to change needle plate like the 8900, 8200 & 12000 and this machine was quickly becoming a favorite.

Hoop attached- Check

Full bobbin inserted- Check

Design selected- Check

First colour threaded- Check

Needed colours cued- Check

Mother employed to change colours for the next hour- Check

We were away, the machine and mum did there thing for the next 68 minutes and  I can tell you the quality of embroidery that the 9900 churns out it is right up there with everything else Janome has given us before.

After our first play with the MC9900 we are impressed and we think everyone else will be as well, it doesn’t have all the great features of the MC12000, but at less than half the price you wouldn’t expect it too would you. But if you after a top notch sewing and embroidery machine for under $4,000 then the this is the machine for you and you would have $501 change because the MC9900 only retails for a crazy $3,499. Crazy because you are getting a top quality machine for a pretty good price.