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Why have I been SNAPPING thread all morning???

Saturday morning and I (Peter) was getting a little bit of embroidery and quilting done while I had a bit of down time in the shop. No repairs whispering “fix me, fix me” which has been unusual lately. So it was decided after a quick coffee and big breakfast from the great cafe next door that I would start a new quilt among other things (like lose 10kg, clean up the workshop, clean up the front counter, find Katrina a nice birthday present).

Now I am not a huge fan of cutting up a nice piece of fabric into teeny little pieces and sewing it all back together in a pattern of some sort to form a piece of fabric aka the quilt the same size as what I had already started with, Katrina on the other hand loves to do this and will spend hours cutting and piecing says she finds it relaxing. My aversion to cutting and sewing may have something to do with my ability to create like Homer (Simpson) and that everything always ends up a little bit different than what I and the instructions generally think it should have turned out like.

Anyway I digress, what I do enjoy is making quilts out of embroidery designs that I have embroidered and then using the sashing and border fabrics to complement the embroidery. Sounds nice and easy doesn’t it and it was all going so well, I had knocked out 10 embroidered panels and after a brief strategy session with the brains behind the creative side of the business (Katrina) it was decided that I would stipple around each of the designs and then we would put it all together, again not a problem I love to stipple.

So I was all set and about 3 minutes in to the first block snapped a thread, re-thead and I was off again. This pattern repeated for about 20 minutes in between serving customers until I finally twigged that maybe it was time to change the needle??? It had done 10 embroidery blocks no worries and I am pretty sure Katrina was using the MC12000 on Thursday to do some embroidery and I hadn’t changed the needle…Hmmm maybe that could be the problem?

Sure enough changed the needle over to a brand new Janome Red Tip needle and I happily stippled away for another 2 hours only having to stop to put in a fresh bobbin. Moral of the story Change your Needles regularly, probably every 6-8 hours of sewing would be ideal or even more regularly depending on the fabrics that you are sewing with.

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