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Things We Love: Patchwork Menu

Janome’s have lots of fun little time saving features built into them.

Take for example our focus today, the Patchwork Menu in the Sewing Applications Menu (some of you may only know it as the “T-Shirt menu), this little fella has been floating around in Janome Sewing and Embroidery machines for a while now and what it does is set your machine up for 1/4″ piecing with the 1/4” foot.

The machine then had the capability of repeating the same piecing length for multiple pieces and if you used either of the “Locking” or “Lockamatic” stitches the machine would tie off and cut for you at the end of the piece.

On the Memory Craft 10000 and the Memory Craft 11000, this was a handy little feature, but once Janome released the 12000 and then the 15000 this little “hidden” feature become infinitely more awesome.


Because with the Memory Craft 12000 Janome introduced the Automatic Foot Lift for the first time, which meant that instead of just finishing off the seam and then trimming the thread the machine would now automatically lift the foot for you.

Then at the start of the next piece the machine will lower the foot and start stitching.

Repeating the process ad infinitum until you select that you would like to do a different piecing length.

This finite improvement to the 12000, which has been carried over into the Memory Craft 15000 and now the Premium Sewing Skyline S7, means that you can now save hours and hours of sewing time next time you are piecing a quilt.

Just imagine how many times you lower and raise the presser foot on your sewing machine when you are piecing together a Quilt top.

In this video we show you how to use the Patchwork Menu with the new Janome Skyline S7.