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Things We Love: Optic Magnifier


Sewing can be very challenging at times. Generally if you are quilting or dressmaking you will be working with a thread which has been matched to the fabric colour, for the obvious reason that you don’t want to see you stitching, but when you are trying to watch where you have sewn and exactly where you are sewing. That is hard, especially so when you are working with darker colours.

There are couple of things you can do to make your sewing easier.

Firstly add more light, you can either get a desk lamp and place it near your sewing machine and focus the light around the needle area, or if you have a Janome Memory Craft 15000 or Memory Craft 12000 then you have the amazing high light at the top left of your sewing machine that you can pull out for more light at anytime.

Secondly you can get a closer look at your sewing, you could put on some really super strong glasses, get a magnifying glass on a stand that you could place on your desk so you could look through it while sewing or:

If you own a Janome Memory Craft 15000, Memory Craft 12000, Memory Craft 9900, Memory Craft 8900, Memory Craft 8200, Skyline S5, DC 7100, DC7060, DC6030 then you could attach the Optic Magnifier (Standard accessory with the MC15000 &MC12000, Optional extra for all the other models).

This great little gadget lets you get a much better view of your sewing and best of all it doesn’t get in the way of your hands or sewing.

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