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Super Price on a Janome MB-4

embroidery-mb4-imagesThe Janome MB-4 is a super embroidery machine, that can save you time and allow you more creative time.

Firstly the MB-4 is a professional style embroidery machine, with a small foot print that is perfect for any sewing room. It also allows you to load 4 colours at a time, which means that you don’t have to be constantly changing threads at every colour change.

The MB-4 will cycle through the colours that you have threaded on the machine for each design. You just specify which needle you want to sew each colour at the start of the embroidery design.

That means you can leave your favorite colours on the machine all the time.

The other great thing about the MB-4 is that it has a unique way of attaching the embroidery hoops to the machine, which makes it easier to embroider ready made garments and articles such as bags, caps, socks, etc.

Because the top portion of the hoop attaches to the machine instead of the traditional bottom part of the hoop it is very easy to embroider on t-shirts/ polo shirts.

The Janome MB-4 is the perfect embroidery machine for the avid embroiderer or for someone who is looking to set up a home embroidery business.

At the moment we have one of these amazing embroidery machines for $4,999. Give us a call on (07) 5482 1296 to have a chat about this machine and our easy payment terms.