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Simple Cut Software & Artistic Edge Cutter Workshop

Simple Cut Software & Artistic Edge Cutter Workshop




Here is the link to the recording of the class

When: Firday 17 March, 10am AEST

Cost: $15-


  • Laptop computer with Simple Cut 7.1 software loaded
  • Artistic Edge Digital Cutter
  • Note Book

In this workshop you will learn how to create a vinyl butterfly cutout, skills you will learn

  • import clipart into Simple Cut 7.1
  • create and edit your own cutter file created from clipart
  • transfer design from Simple Cut 7.1 to Artistic Edge Digital Cutter
  • setting up Artistic Edge Cutter for cutting vinyl
  • cutting vinyl

The Simple Cut Software and Artistic Edge Cutter workshop is being offered as both an instore and interactive online class for March, because it is our trial run using the virtual classroom live, this class will be free for to online attendees, all you need to do is contact us at or fill out the form below