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Sewn Seam Finishes

Have you ever wondered what all of those stitches on your sewing machine are used for? Some are used for construction and others are used for finishing and then some are used just because they look pretty. When we are first starting out in the world of sewing our sole focus is on cutting out the pieces correctly and then putting them together so it all fits together properly and looks good..

But what about the inside edges, how do they look? The sign of a truly well made project is that you can tell it is hand made but it doesn’t look “Home Made”, it is well worth the extra effort to give it that professional finish and that is were the series of tutorials from Sew4Home come into their own. They show you step by step how to get a professional seam finish on your next project.

Part 1

This is part 1 of 4 and covers everything you need to know to get you on the way to professional seams

Part 2- French Seams

This one is all about how to create a French Seam

Part 3- Mock French and French Wrapped Seams

Part 4- Hong Kong and Bound Seams