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Sewing Applications Menu: Hand Look Quilting

Did you know that in the Sewing Applications Menu of the Janome Memory Craft 15000, 12000, 11000, 10000 & 9900, there is a whole menu devoted to the Hand Look Quilt Stitching?

There is and in this menu Janome have the stitch set up so that it looks exactly like a Hand stitch when you sew with Mono filament thread.

To set your machine up for the Hand look stitching follow the steps below.

  1. tshirtSelect the Sewing Applications Menu (T-Shirt icon)
  2. Select the Quilting Menu
  3. IMG_0462Select the Handlook QU menu
  4. IMG_0466Select Stitch 1
  5. Thread your sewing machine with mono filament thread in the needle and normal sewing cotton in the bobbin
  6. We like to adjust the stitch length to around 3.5 for a really good looking stitch
  7. Enjoy your hand look stitching without having to get out the hand needles