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Set Up Your Janome for a Quarter Inch Seam

This sounds like a very straight forward thing to do, select the 1/4″ seam option in the “Quilting” stitches, chuck on the O foot which is the Janome 1/4″ seam foot and off you go. 

But this doesn’t always give you a quarter inch seam, for various reasons and sometimes you don’t want to sew an exact quarter inch seam, a lot of quilter want to sew a scant quarter inch seam, which is slightly narrower than the quarter inch, this is called a scant quarter inch seam.

The reason that people like to sew a scant quarter inch seam, is because of the way fabric and seams behave when you press them and many people find that by sewing a scant quarter inch seam they preserve their quilt sizes. 

For the following models (MC 115000, 14000, 12000, 11000, 10000, 9900, 9400, Skyline S9 & S7) it is very easy to adjust the needle position and therefore adjust the actual width of your quarter inch seams.

Step 1. Select the Sewing Applications Menu, this is represented by a “T-Shirt” Icon

Step 2. Select the “Patchwork” Menu, for most models this will be on the second page of the sewing applications menu

Step 3. Select the desired stitch, you have 3 options, Standard Straight Stitch, Locking Stitch or Lock-A-Matic. 

Step 4. Adjust the needle position, by default the 9mm models (MC15000, 14000, 12000, 9900, 9400, Skyline S9 & Skyline S7) will be set on 8.3, to make your Quartere Inch seam slightly narrower, press the “+” button on the needle position adjuster and this will move the needle further to the right. 

Step 5. Check your Quarter Inch seam on a test piece of material, and adjust as needed.