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Satin Stitch Fun

IMG_0094Have you ever looked at your Janome sewing machine and wondered what does that “E” button do?

Well the “E” stands for elongation and that means that decorative satin stitches on your machine can be elongated or lengthened with out losing their shape or satin fill and that is how the Poinsettia on the left has been created.

Using the Janome Memory Craft 8900 we selected stitch number 148 Stitch Image and we then adjusted the stitch length to 0.35mm.

Divide your fabric into 8, ie. vertical, horizontal and 2 diagonal lines.

Press M and the M Scissors and the machine will sew the pattern once and then tie off and cut.

Sew this once on each of the vertical and horizontal lines, starting from the centre. Press the arrow left key, next to the length adjustment keys and the cursor will move over until it is below the stitch x1 icon, touch the elongation and this will change to x2.

Sew this once on each of the diagonal lines starting from the outside of the sewn centre.

Adjust the elongation to x3 and then sew between the sewn diagonal leaf and the vertical/ horizontal drawn line a total of 8 times.

Adjust the elongation to x4 and sew along the vertical and horizontal lines.

The flower is now complete, we finished of the block using stitch 120 on each side of the drawn diagonal lines and then stitch 118 to fill the background.


This is a block that can be created on any Janome which has the elongation function and stitch shown above. Looking in store we could create the flower on the DC 4030, DC6030, MC 5200, MC9900, MC8900, MC12000