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Reverence: Janome AcuFeed Flex

feature-acufeed-flex-thick-sampleMore than just a walking foot integrated into the machine, the AcuFeed system is a fully customizable fabric feeding system. Introduced originally on the Janome Memory Craft 6600p and then further refined on the Janome Memory Craft 12,000, AcuFeed Flex is now available on the Memory Craft 15000, 12000, 8900 and 8200.

What makes it so great, is that it can be used to help you get great feeding of all fabrics not just quilts (which it does amazingly well). For example, this week Katrina was putting some pockets on a polo shirt for a  customer and the fabric was sliding all over the place and just not playing the game for here. So Katrina put the AcuFeed Flex Twin Foot onto the MC8900 and sewed the pockets on without another problem.

Another great thing about the AcuFeed Flex system on the MC15000, 12000, 8900 & 8200 is that you can also use a smaller single AcuFeed Flex foot, which is amazing for working on the edge of garments and quilts when you are top stitching, you can even get a zipper foot for the single AcuFeed Flex foot, which makes putting zippers into even the slipperiest materials a breeze.