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Quick and easy scrapbooking template with the Artistic Edge Cutter

To start off this project, connect the Artistic Edge Cutter to the computer and opened the “Creative Drawings ” icon.

Then select “Create New ” and hit next.


Select your technique. For this project we used the “CUT”only tool.


Now Select “New Graphic”.

Select the “Create Bezier Shapes” icon.


Now using your mouse create a rectangle shape. I found it easy to use the grid on the mat as a guide.

Once you have created the rectangle change the colour so it is easier to see on the screen.


Select the Cutter Presets and choose the card stock. This will give you all the information on what level the needle needs to be set at and which colour cutter to use, in this project it will be the red.

Select the rectangle and copy and paste, the rectangle twice.


Line the three rectangle up in a straight line.

Once you are happy with the layout, export to cutter.


Load mat with paper attached into the cutter.

Trace out design to make sure you have enough paper available.

Once you are happy with the layout, “CUT” out the pattern.


When the cutter is finished, remove from the cutter and remove the paper from the mat.