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Project: Insulated Water Bottle Carrier

water bottle carrier

We carry water bottles with us everywhere we go these days and as the weather gets warmer this becomes even more important.


4x Variety of Fat Quarter Fabrics
.25m of Visofix
General Sewing Thread
Empty Bobbins
Denim Needle
Sewing Machine and feet
1m Webbing
Candle Light Thread
Heavy Weight Cotton Thread
Decorative threads
Fat Quarter of Insu-Bright

Instructions Cut one piece of fabric for the exterior and one piece for the interior each 10 ¾ inches wide and 8 inches tall.
Cut two circles of the lining fabric, the circle should have a 3 ¾ inch diameter. The diameter of the circle stitching line is 3 inches. Add an additional 3/8 inches seam allowance making the cut circle diameter 3 ¾ inches.
Cut one piece of Insul-Brite 9×7 inches. Cut one Insul-Brite cirle with a diameter of 3 inches.
Place Newspaper on the work surface and lay the cut fabrics right side down on it and spray with a basting spray.
Press the Insul-Brite to the back of your exterior fabric; arrange decorative fabric pieces onto the front of the exterior fabric.
Thread your sewing machine with your chosen decorative thread and black thread in the bobbin. Refer to template and stitch fabrics into pace using your chosen decorative threads.
Adding Bobbin Work – As bobbin work is stitched with the wrong side facing up, follow the lines of the bobbin thread from the previous stitching to ensure accuracy.
Once you have finished decorating the exterior fabric you can start on the construction.
The Insul-Brite is going to get sandwiched between the exterior and the lining. Pin the exterior and interior fabrics right sidestogether and stitch 3/8inche seam along the tops.
Open the seam up and press so that the Insul-Brite is now sandwiched between the wrong sides on the exterior and lining fabrics. Top Stitch ¼ inch along the top edge, securing the three layers together.
Pin entire sandwich like a quilt, securing as needed to keep from puckering when stitched. Stitch all layers as you please. Repeat this for the bottom circle. Finish bottom edge of top and edges of circle with an over edge stitch to prevent the fabrics from fraying.
Attach the Shoulder Strap using a straight stitch to the outer side remembering to fold the raw edge under first.
Stitching the side seam together using a ¼ inch straight stitch, turn the tube wrong side out. Pin again along the edge, RIGHT sides together and stitch a 3/8 inch seam. This seam will trap the previous seam inside. This gives you a nice clean finished edge.
Leave tube with lining turned to the outside. Pin the bottom circle to the tubes raw edge, right sides together. Clip edges of the tube to make fitting easier. Stitch using a 3/8 inch seam. Turn right side out.