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May Digitizer Workshop: Zen Quilting Embroidery Design

If you have always wanted to create amazing quilting patterns, but have never been able to get your hands to do what you want when you free motion, then we have the solution for you.

Katrina has put together a great workshop on how to create your very own “zen quilting”pattern to embroider out on your embroidery machine.

You will be the envy of your quilting friends overnight, with the amazing array of quilting patterns you will be able to create overnight after this workshop.

The cost is $9.99 for those attending instore or for those who aren’t lucky enough to live in sunny Gympie, then you can tune in for free online, through our virtual classroom.

In May we have two great times available for you to pop into our virtual classroom

  1. 8pm, Wednesday 3rd of May (6am New York, 11am London)
  2. 10am, Thursday 4th of May (3rd May 8pm in New York, Thursday 4 May 1am in London)

To sign up click here