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Machine of the Week: Janome MyLock 644D

What a great overlocker the MyLock 644D is. This is probably the best overlocker that Janome produce in this price range. It is a solid workhorse that is easy to thread and easy to use.

What makes this overlocker so good? For starters you have the lay in tension dials, that means that if you have the presser foot up when you are threading the overlocker, then the thread should lay straight into the tension, which means less hassles for you. While we are talking about threading we should also mention that the MyLock 644D has an easy to follow colour coded threading system. Each thread is given a certain colour and you just follow that colour all the way through.

The MyLock 644D also has an easy to thread lower looper, this is the big looper at the bottom that is normally such a pain in the you know what to thread. Not with the 644D, you just simply flip a switch on the looper and little hooks pop out on the right hand side and you hook the thread through there and you are done. Easy threading, easy tension, great machine.

The other great features that the MyLock 644D has going for it are the easy rolled hem conversion, all you have to do is adjust the stitch length to “R”, move the stitch finger on the needle plate to “R” and adjust the tension from “ST” to “RH” on the front of the machine and then take out the left hand needle and you are set up ready to go. No having to adjust the tension dials, no changing of needle plates, no fuss, just easy overlocking.

If you would like to find out more on the Janome MyLock 644D give us a call on (07) 5482 1296 or drop into 180 Mary St, Gympie and have a look, we will be happy to get you hands on with the 644D before you take it home.

Don’t forget that all machines from Woodrow Handcrafts come free instructional lessons on how to use your machine, at your convenience, not ours. Simply give us a call and book a time that suits you.