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Machine of the week: Janome MC9900

The Janome Memory Craft 9900 is, in our opinion the best value for money Sewing & Embroidery machine on the market today.


Some would say that we are out of our mind, but we don’t think so when you consider the quality of machine that you get for your $2,999.

Firstly, just as a sewing machine, the MC9900 is very good. 9mm stitches, 91 needle positions, 200 stitches and our favorite the Sewing Applications screen.

imageThe MC9900 is just so easy to use, you have a look at the stitch chart on top of the machine, find the stitch that you want to use and which menu it is in. Then bring up the stitch menu, select the menu and then the stitch. The machine is ready to sew, it is just that easy.


imageOr, if you have a specific sewing application in mind, like piecing together a quilt for instance. You would select the T-shirt icon, then select the “Patchwork” application and the machine is set up and ready to piece, length, tension, etc. they are all set. This application will even remember your piece length at the end of your first seam, then it will tie off at the start and end of your seam automatically, all you have to do is guide the next piece through the machine.

imageHOW GREAT IS THAT!!!! and we haven’t even gotten to where the Memory Craft 9900 really shines brightest.

The embroidery side of the machine is the 9900’s strongest suit by far and that is saying something because this is a very good sewing machine. What makes it such a good embroidery machine is that it is easy to use and gives a first class embroidery stitch. Do the same design on a Memory Craft 15000 and a 9900 and you will struggle to spot the difference.

imageThe reason that you get such a good stitch, is that the embroidery carriage for the 9900 is based on the same technology that is used in the embroidery carriage for Janome’s state of the art flagship model, the Memory Craft 15000.

Once again the Memory Craft 9900 is very easy to use, you can browse through the 175 built in embroidery patterns on the colour touch screen, then to select a design to embroider you imagejust touch the design you want. Then the machine is into the ready to sew screen and off you go, it is just easy to use.

If you don’t want to embroider a built design, you want to use one of your own designs, then all you have to do is put your Janome format design onto a USB stick and select the design from the USB stick.

Lettering, monograming and more is so easy with the Memory Craft 9900 or you can create your own custom design layouts using the on board editing functions.

You can’t help but be impressed by the Janome Memory Craft 9900.