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Lutterloh Pattern Drafting Demo and Classes

The Lutterloh Pattern Drafting system is an innovative pattern drafting system that allows you to create perfectly fitted garments to your unique measurements.

On Tuesday the 18th and Wednesday the 19th of October, at 11am, Sonja from Lutterloh patterns will be holding a free 1 hour class.

You will

  • learn how to make your own custom-fit patterns, no matter your bust or hip measurements
  • See how this vest can be made in minutes to fit volunteer participants
  • Every visitor receives 3 pattern designs free
Tuesday the 18th October from 1:00pm-4:30pm, Sonja will assist you to draft a plain Blouse pattern. Getting the fit and dart positions correct, she will also show you how to move the dart to different positions to achieve a complete different look. Then you will move on to changing the collar and necklines. Full instructions to sew your blouse will be provided on CD.
Wednesday the 19th October from 1:00pm- 4:30pm, Sonja will start with a simple trouser pattern from the Lutterloh Pattern collection, that will draft up in your size, and show you how to apply simple design changes. Kicking off by changing the waists (hipsters, contoured, elasticized, waistbands & ribbing). Then go on to changing the widths of the leg (bootleg, wide, narrow) and to more advanced changes (inserting zips, pockets, embroidery, etc) Full instructions on how to sew your Trousers will be included on CD.

The cost for the afternoon sessions are $50 per person, per session