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Legend: The (New) Janome Zipper Foot

Generally sewing machine feet are not cool and they are deinitely not sexy, but when it comes to the latest generation of Zipper Feet released with the 9mm Janome machines then we could be convinced otherwise.

What makes this foot the thing of legend, the first thing is it’s size, it is only 9mm wide, this is wide enough to get a really good foot hold on the fabric, but it isn’t wide enough to start creating any sort of fabric distortion that you can get from wider feet.

The other thing that you will notice with this zipper foot is that unlike previous versions of the zipper foot, this one is completely flat underneath, there are no grooves on the underside to run over the teeth of the zipper.

This alone has created a much more user friendly and functional foot, and because of the center needle position hole in the middle of the foot, it is now a foot that can be used for a multitude of applications, rather than just zipper insertion.

I have found that I spend more time with the Zipper foot on the machine, than off the machine, when I am sewing garments.

This is because, generally you are only using a straight stitch or a variation of (Triple stitch, Hand Look, etc), which allows you to not swap out the zipper foot, but the other reason is that I am generally sewing tailored trousers or shirts. These involve an inordinate amount of topstitching and close edge stitching and that is what the zipper foot allows you to do.

Because it is a very narrow foot, you have very good vision of where you are sewing and it really allows you to get very close to the edge, which is very important when you are sewing garments, because this is what allows you to get the fine finish, that takes you from homemade to handmade.

Try it out today, or if you don’t already own one, drop into the shop and find out why we love the New Janome Zipper Foot