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Know How: Rolled Hem on Janome 8002DX

IMG_4091Step 1. Remove the left hand needle. Loosen the screw with the “L” next to it and gently remove the needle. We always do this with the needle threaded, that way if you drop the needle it can’t go to far.



IMG_4087Step 2. Move the chaining finger from the “S” to “R” position.

Open both doors on the overlocker. Push the silver dial to the right and then turn it towards you, this will turn the knife down. Then push the white knob to the right, with your left hand, with your right hand pull the pink switch towards you, until it is in line with the “R”

IMG_4088Don’t forget to turn your knife back up, push the silver knob to the right and then turn away from you, until the knife clicks back into place.




Step 3. Adjust the cutting width to the narrowest cut. Turn the white knob away from you, until you can’t turn it anymore.

IMG_4086Step 4. Adjust the tension dials. We set the Blue dial on 4, Maroon on 7 and Green on 5. These are the settings that we find give us the best rolled hem.




Step 5. Adjust the stitch length to “R”. To adjust, turn the top dial on the right hand side of the machine to R.

Step 6. Put the presser foot down and turn the hand wheel towards you, this will start your 8002DX stitching, you should be able to see the narrow chain of stitching underneath the foot.

Step 7. Enjoy your rolled hem.