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Know How: Rolled Hem on Janome 644D

IMG_4090Step 1. Remove the left needle. Gently loosen the top screw on the needle block and remove the needle.




IMG_4092Step 2. Move the chaining pin from the “S” to “R” setting.

Open the left hand door and the front door of the overlocker. Push the white knob closest to the front of the machine towards the right, while holding this, pull the pink chaining finger knob towards you.







IMG_4089Step 3. Push the tension adjuster from “STD” to “R.H”.





Step 4. Change the stitch length to “R”. To adjust the stitch length, turn the top dial on the right hand end of the sewing machine towards you until you get to “R”.

Step 5. Put the presser foot down and turn the hand wheel towards you a couple of turns, to make sure that the machine forming the stitch correctly.

Step 6. Enjoy your rolled hem.