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Know How: Rolled hem on a Janome overlocker

Overlockers, are the mythical creature which create neat, unfraying edges on fabric.

Not be confused with the machine in the cupboard which looks the same as an overlocker, but is called many unmentionable names.

No longer do you need to call your overlocker all of those nasty names, in this article we are going to show how easy it is to do a Rolled Hem on a Janome 744D, but the process is the same for the Janome 644D and the Elna 664 Pro.

IMG_0967Step 1.

Remove the left hand needle from the machine. To do this we loosen the top left screw in the silver needle block, just above the needles. Once loosened the needle should be able to be removed easily.

(Pro Tip: leave the needle threaded until you have removed it from the needle block, that way if you drop it, it won’t go very far)

IMG_0962Step 2.

Move the chaining finger from the Standard position to the “R” position. This means you have to pull the pink knob on the right of the needle plate towards you. So that you can move the knob you have to move the knives out of the way. So push in the white dial on the left of the machine (you will have to remove the free arm cover on the 744D or open the door on the 644D) and then pull the knob towards you IMG_0963while you are still pushing in the white dial.




IMG_0965Step 3.

Adjust your machine tensions. DON’T TOUCH THE TENSION DIALS!!! All you have to do on the 744/644 or slide the tension adjuster on the front of the machine from “STD” to “RH”


IMG_0966Step 4.

Adjust the stitch length to “R”, this is top dial on the right handside of the machine, just turn it towards you until you get to “R”.


IMG_0968Step 5.

Your machine is now set up for Rolled Hemming, enjoy and when you are finished, follow the steps in reverse to set your overlocker up in a 4 thread overlock (4 thread safety stitch)

(Pro Tip: For a nice decorative finish, try a heavier coloured thread in the upper looper)