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Know How: Reshape letters with Digitizer MBX

Create Unique Lettering

One of the things that Janome Digitizer MBX does really well is create lettering. You have complete control over the font, from the size of the lettering to the spacing between letters etc. you can set all of this when you choose the font you are going to use, but sometimes you want a little bit more of a personal touch and this is what we are going to show you today.

Step 1.

Click on the lettering icon.



IMG_0909Step 2.

Choose a font



IMG_0910Step 3.

Type out the lettering you want to embroider. We have typed “Woodrow Handcrafts”.

Click on OK in the bottom right and then click in the hoop where you would like your lettering.
IMG_0918Step 4.

Click on the “Reshape” Icon. This is the icon that looks like a triangle, down in the bottom left hand corner.



IMG_0914Step 5.

Now you will notice that you have a purple coloured diamond over each letter. We have clicked on the diamond over the “W”. You will notice that you now have 3 arrows over the “W”. Drag these to reshape the letter.


IMG_0915Step 6.

You have now reshaped the first letter of the word. If you want to reshape any of the other letters follow the same process, if not select the “Hand” icon in the bottom left of the screen and send the design to your machine to be sewn.