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Know How: Easy Button Sewing

Today we are using the Janome Memory Craft 15000 to sew on our buttonholes. You can use these instructions for any Janome with the Sewing Applications screen, such as the Memory Craft 12000, Memory Craft 11000, Memory Craft 10000, Memory Craft 9900.

Step 1.

Mark where you want to attach your button. The easiest way to do this by marking through the buttonhole. That way you know that your button will be sitting in exactly the right place for your already sewn buttonhole.

IMG_1262Step 2.

Go to the “Sewing Applications” screen and press the Button icon.



IMG_1264Step 3.

Choose the “Regular” style button. We will cover how to do Shank buttons at a later date.



IMG_1265Step 4.

Attach the button sewing “T” foot and place the button under the foot. An interesting fact to note is that all buttons no matter their size, still have the same sized holes and width between the holes.  Place the left hand (when looking at the button) hole in the corner of the “T” foot as shown.



IMG_1266Step 5.

Sew the button, if you are concerned about the button placement, just wind the hand wheel towards you to check that the needle doesn’t hit the button.

Once the machine has gone through its paces, press the scissor button and cut the thread.

Your button has now been sewn in less time than it would take to find a needle and thread to sew it on.