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Know How: Create Folders on your USB Stick

How many designs do you have on your USB stick to use in your Janome Embroidery machine?

Most people who have an embroidery machine, own a lot of embroidery designs.

If you have your designs organised into folders it is very easy to access them, when you want.

Any easy way to do this is to create folders on your USB stick,that way when you put your USB stick into your embroidery machine, you will be able to easily find your designs.

Step 1.

Prepare your USB stick by inserting it into your Janome embroidery machine.

Step 2.

Once the USB stick has been prepared there are 2 ways to create a folder on the machine.

Technique 1 on the computer.

Step 1.

Put USB into Computer and open the USB stick in file explorer

Step 2.

Double click on the EMB folder

Step 3.

You should now see either a “embf” or “My Design” folder.

Step 4.

Along the top of the toolbar there should a “Create New Folder” button, click on this.

Step 5.

The New folder should have been created, now call it whatever you would like to name it.

Step 6.

Add the required designs to the folder

Technique 2 on the embroidery machine

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