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Know How: Automatic Buttonhole

A lot of Janome and Elna sewing machines do an Automatic Buttonhole, but we find a lot of people have problems getting them to work. Today we have a quick tutorial on how to do an Automatic buttonhole.

We have used the Janome DC7100, but the principle is the same for all Janome’s.

IMG_0921Step 1.

Insert the button into the back of the buttonhole foot. This tells the machine how big it needs to make the buttonhole.

IMG_0922Step 2.

Attach the buttonhole foot to the machine.

Step 3.

Select the buttonhole stitch you are going to use, we have used the basic rectangular buttonhole.

IMG_0924Step 4.

Pull down the Buttonhole Sensor. This is the piece that will tell the machine when it needs to reverse and when it needs to do the right hand side.

Step 5.

Put the fabric under the buttonhole foot and Press the start button (if you have the foot control plugged in, then you need to use the foot control) and watch the magic unfold.

Step 6.

With your quick unpick or seam ripper, cut the middle of the buttonhole.