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Know How: Add designs to AcuEdit App

The Janome AcuEdit app is a great complement to the Memory Craft 15000, and we find that the app lets us create a lot more fun layouts. To harness the full power of the app you need to be able to add your own designs to the app, which is a really simple process.

Step 1.

Plug your iPad into your computer

Step 2.

Open iTunes

Step 3.

You should now see an icon for your iPad in the top right hand corner of iTunes. Click on this.

Step 4.

Across the top of the screen, just below the apple logo you should see a menu bar, click on “apps’

Step 5.

Scroll down the screen, until you find “File Sharing” and click on the AcuEdit app.

Step 6.

On the right hand side of the screen, there is now an area named “Documents” and at the bottom of this area a button with “Add”. Click on this and a new window will open, you need to navigate to where the designs are that you want to add to the app. Find the designs and click open.

Step 7.

You should now have files in the “Documents” box on the right hand side. Click on “Sync” if you are finished adding designs.

Step 8.

The designs will now be in the AcuEdit app on your iPad. If they aren’t showing up under documents yet, then close the app and open it again and they should be there for you.