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Janome Skyline S9: Review

s9-tableclothThe Skyline S9 is the latest sewing and embroidery model from Janome and expands the capabilities of the amazing Skyline S7 (which is probably the best “sewing machine” that Janome have available), to include one of the linear motion embroidery carriages.

This has propelled the Skyline range from good sewing machines into the realms of the legendary Janome models, like the MC9000 and MC15000, the machines that have really revolutionized what features are available on a home sewing & embroidery machine.

The S9 is a more compact machine than the Memory Craft 15000, but that doesn’t mean it is a far inferior machine, nothing could be further from the truth.



Key Features



We know it sounds silly to have a WiFi chip in a sewing machine, but it is a surprisingly convenient feature, that enables you to a lot more with your available time.

The S9 comes with the AcuTools S software suite for your PC, that allows you to send and receive embroidery designs wirelessly, do some basic editing, monogram and also create your own sewing stitches. This is a great little program, that does a lot and doesn’t cost you an extra cent.

Because the S9 has WiFi, you are also able to use the Janome iPad apps (AcuEdit, AcuMonitor, AcuSetter, Screen Saver), every one of these apps will save you a couple of minutes per design, as well as saving your sanity. AcuEdit allows you to edit that built in designs, combine designs, resize, and more, then send them over to the S9 wirelessly and you can add your own designs to the app as well. The AcuMonitor app will allow you to monitor the S9 while it is embroidering and notify you of colour changes, thread breaks etc. giving you more time to do something else creative, like quilting, painting, or anything else you would like to be doing. The AcuSetter app is a newer app, that allows you to hoop up your fabric and then check where the design is, in relation to the hoop and fine tune the design placement as you need.

Automatic Foot Lift

The automatic foot lift feature on the S9, was designed with the avid sewist in mind and it offers another great time saving feature to your sewing journey, to the point that if you ever use another machine that doesn’t have the Janome style automatic foot lift, you will be left wondering why anyone would have a machine without it.

Unlike with other brands, who have an automatic foot lift feature, the S9 doesn’t lose the manual foot lift lever that we are all so familiar with and would be lost without.

  • lowers the sewing foot, when you press the Start/Stop button or put your foot down on the Foot Control
  • Pivot Function, this allows you to easily select that you would like the machine to stop with needle in the down position and the foot will automatically lift so that you can easily pivot the fabric. Great for applique, quilting and garment construction

Sewing Applications Menu

Of all the great innovations that Janome have made in the past 100 years, I think the Sewing Applications Menu is quite possibly the most underrated, but in reality it is probably the most significant.

The menu is represented by the T-Shirt icon at the top of the screen in Sewing Mode, and contains an amazing number of very useful sewing applications, the menus include

  • Seaming
  • Overedge
  • Blind Hem & Shell Tuck
  • Rolled Hem
  • Zipper
  • Gathering
  • Basting
  • Button
  • Tacking
  • Applique
  • Patchwork
  • Quilting

AcuFeed Flex


The AcuFeed Fabric feeding system was first introduced on the Janome MC6600p and has subsequently been refined and improved over the past 5 years, to become the AcuFeed Flex Fabric Feeding System. Which is the equivalent of having your walking foot built into your sewing machine.

The best thing about the AcuFeed Flex system is that you don’t have to be quilting to get the maximum benefit, you can use it for all types of fabric to ensure that you get the best stitches possible.

Accessories, Accessories and More Accessories


Have a look at the picture and tell us which other sewing and embroidery machine on the market for only $3,999 has this many accessories as standard?

Sewing Features

  • 240 built in sewing stitches
  • 11 styles of buttonhole
  • 9mm stitch width
  • Satin stitch elongation
  • Favorite Stitch Settings can be saved to machine

Embroidery Features

  • 250 built in designs, including exclusive Anna Maria Horner designs
  • 800 stitches per minute embroidery speed
  • 3 standard hoops RE20a (170x20mm), SQ14a (140x140mm), FA10a (100x40mm)