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Janome MB-4: Machine of the week

This week we continue our Featured machine of the week with the Janome MB-4. The MB-4 is the most imposing machine in the Janome range. But don’t be fooled by its size, or the four needles waiting, ready for action. This is still a Janome, and that means that it is easy to use and it will have all of the great features you have come expect from Janome.

Simply select the design that you would like to embroider with the colour touch screen and the MB-4 will tell you what colours you need for the selected design and the needle that you need to thread with that colour. It will also select the correct hoop for the size of design that you have chosen. The best thing about the MB-4 is that you can edit all of this on the screen.

For example, you already have the machine threaded with some of the colours you need for the next design, and don’t want to unthread them and then thread the needle the machine is saying for that colour. All you have to do, is select the function to edit which colour sews on which needle and you are all set. The MB-4 will even trim all your jump stitches and cut the thread at the end of every colour to save you time and thread.

You can even combine, resize, rotate and copy designs on the screen. Janome have thought of everything and it is so easy to use. The MB-4 is great for monogramming as well, there are 10 fonts built into the machine, as well as 2 & 3 letter monogramming. All you have to do is select the Aa icon on the screen, select the desired font and size and then type in the name. It is all that easy, you can even combine lettering with designs on the screen, to create great personalized gifts.

I have designs on my computer that I would like to use with the MB-4, is that possible? That is not a problem, you can either copy them to a USB memory stick, onto an ATA card or connect your computer directly to the MB-4 and transfer your designs that way. You can even buy a Janome CD ROM drive which connects to the MB-4 if you have a lot of designs on CD.

We can’t talk highly enough of the MB-4, from the professional embroidery, to the ease of use and everything that you love about your single head Janome embroidery machine, it is all here. The MB-4 would be a welcome edition to any Quilters, Sewers or Embroiderer’s sewing room. Drop into Woodrow’s and have a look at this impressive embroidery machine.