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Janome Clothsetter: Precise and Accurate Hooping

The Janome Clothsetter is a hooping aid, you attach the bottom part of the hoop (the half of the hoop that attaches to the embroidery carriage) to it, lay your fabric over the hoop and then place the upper part of the hoop into the hoop. Pull the farbic tight, tighten up the hoop screw and you are set. That is the clothsetter at its most basic, keeping your hoop stable and in one place while you are hooping. Just for that reason you need one.


But this is not why we love the Janome Clothsetter, no, the reason we love the clothsetter is because of the arm which you can swing down over your work. This arm has a set of cross hairs on it, which when set up will correspond to the center of your hoop.

That means that if you would like to stitch out a multiple hooping layout, like an Infinity quilt block, all you have to do is mark out the center point for every design on your block. Then hoop and sew each design and you will end up with perfectly placed embroidery designs.

Here a couple of the things we have created using the Janome Clothsetter.

IMG_1064 IMG_1065 IMG_1077 IMG_1076