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How To: Transfer embroidery designs to a USB stick

IMG_4109So you have bought a new design CD or downloaded some new designs from your favorite website, and they will be so much fun to embroider out.

But how do I get them from the computer to my embroidery machine?

Generally the easiest way for Janome embroidery machines is via a USB stick.

We have used this procedure to set up USB sticks for the Janome Memory Craft 15000, 12000, 9900, 11000, 350e and MB-4.

In this article we are going to show you how to format your USB stick for your Janome embroidery machine.

Step 1. Turn on your embroidery machine.

Step 2. Insert blank USB stick into the USB port on your embroidery machine.

Step 3. Wait, until the warning on the screen disappears.

Step 4. Your embroidery machine, has now created 2 folders on your USB stick, an EMB folder and an ORD folder.

Step 5. Plug your USB stick into your computer and open up the USB stick through File Manager.

Step 6. Double click on the EMB folder.

Step 7. You should now see that there is an “embf”  or “My Design” folder on the screen. This is the folder that the machine looks in for your embroidery designs.

Step 8. All you need to do is copy and paste your embroidery designs into this folder.

Step 9. Put the USB stick back into the embroidery machine, select the USB stick and then select the embf/ my design folder and your embroidery designs will be there for you to select.