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How to program your scissors.

On a number of Janome sewing machines you have scissors built right into the machine, so that at the end of your seam you can trim the threads without having to remove your sewing from underneath the foot.

(NB: Did you know that for decorative stitches you can get the machine to “Tie Off” straight away by touching the Reverse button. So if you are out of room to complete the whole pattern, just touch the reverse button and the machine will “Tie Off” straight away. This is the same for all Janome sewing machines with the Auto Lock feature.)

For Janome Memory Craft 15000, 12000, 11000 and 9900 owners you need to go into your settings menu, select sewing settings and navigate to “Thread Cut After Auto-Lock”, turn this option on and every time you lock off a stitch, the machine will automatically cut the thread, leaving you with a nice neat finish on your sewing.

For owners of the Janome Memory Craft 8900, 8200, 7700, 6600p, 6500 and the DC7100, the procedure to program your scissors to “Thread cut after Auto-Lock” is as follows.

Step 1.

Select your desired stitch

Step 2.

IMG_0903Press the Memory Scissor button on machine. You will also notice that a little red light will light up on the Scissor button that you normally press to trim.

This indicates that the Scissors have now been programmed to trim after Auto lock.