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How to Attach Bias Binding with the Rotary Even Foot

Have you ever needed to attach Bias Binding to the edge of your project, to give it a professional finish?

You can buy a pre-folded bias binding tape or easily cut your own and then use the Janome Rotary Even Foot to easily attach the binding.

The Janome Rotary Even Foot features a tractor feed, which allows you to easily sew stretchy material without slipping or puckering, it is great for sewing leather and vinyl as well. The foot comes with 5 attachments (1 hemming, 1 bias tape, 3 rolled hem).

The attachment we are looking at today is the bias tape attachment, you simply fold the tape and feed it through the tunnel. The foot will then guide the tape of the fabric edge and move all layers in perfect sync giving you a professional finish every time.

The bias tape attachment is adjustable to 20mm wide to accommodate wide bindings.

Click to see the  Janome Rotary Even Foot in action.