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How to add designs to Janome AcuEdit

The Janome AcuEdit app is the amazing app from Janome that lets you view, edit, combine and experiment with design combinations on your iPad and then send them to your Janome Memory Craft 15000 wirelessly.
This has been amazing revolution for embroiderers, firstly because it is very convenient to be able to just send a design straight to the machine without having to go to the computer, send the design to a usb stick, then find the design on the machine and load it into the ready to sew screen (we won’t mention the problems you can have if your design wasn’t in the right folder on the USB stick). Secondly we have found in the shop that having the designs in your hand gives you another dimension to how the design will sew out and how you might be able to combine different designs for beautiful patterns.
When you first get your iPad and connect it up to the 15000 you will find that you only have the in built designs from the 15000 on your iPad, which is good, but we have lots of other nice Janome designs on the computer that we would like to be able use on the iPad :(.
Well you can transfer design to the iPad for use in a couple of quick and easy steps.
1. Open iTunes on your computer
2. Connect iPad to computer
3. Click on the iPad icon in iTunes
4. Click on “apps”in the menu bar (this will give you a list of apps on your iPad)
5. Scroll down until you come to “File Sharing” and click on the Janome AcuEdit app
6. This will then show you a list of designs on your iPad in the right hand menu
7. Scroll down a bit further until you see “Add File” and click on this
8. Find the designs on your computer that you would like to have on your iPad. You can select one design at a time or you can select multiple files in a folder by holding down the “shift” key on your keyboard and clicking on files. Once you have selected the files you want in that folder click “open” and the designs will be transferred into the AcuEdit app.
9. Repeat for each folder of designs which you would like to transfer to the AcuEdit app
10. To access the designs on your iPad now, touch the flower in the bottom left hand corner of the app and then choose “Documents” on the bottom bar of the app and you will see all of the designs that you have transferred to the app.