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HorizonLink: Accessing embroidery designs from a CD

The Janome Memory Craft 15000 comes with the HorizonLink Suite software for your PC. The software will allow you to easily access your embroidery designs. You can access designs saved on your computer, on a CD or on a USB stick.

Step 1.

Open the HorizonLink Suite Software

Step 2.

Click on “EmbLink”

Step 3.

Click on Embroidery Edit

Step 4.

Click on the Design icon along on the tool bar.

Step 5.

Insert your CD into your computers CD Drive

Step 6.

Click on the CD Drive icon on the screen. It will along the bottom line of locations

Step 7.

Find the design that you would like to use and double click on it.

Step 8.

Click on the Send Icon or Write File icon, depending on how you would like to send the design to your Memory Craft 15000.