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Hands on with the Memory Craft 15000














AS you may already know Janome have just released the Janome Memory Craft 15000 and it will be on sale to the public worldwide in October 2013. Peter and Katrina have just returned from the Janome Institute in the USA where they didn’t just get to see the Memory Craft 15000, they got to sew on it.

The first thing you notice about the 15000 is the screen, it is bigger, clearer and more colourful than any Janome screen ever before. In our opinion the Janome machines have been very easy to navigate but this one is even easier to get the hang of and you will be able to learn all the ins and outs of the machine in no time at all.

The other advantage of having a large crisp, clear and full colour touch screen is that you can find everything that little bit easier and when you are working on embroidery layouts on the machine you just have more screen space, which means you get a better work environment to edit and layout your embroideries.



Which brings us to the next thing that is going to revolutionise the way that you use your embroidery machine. This is the first Janome that has wireless communication, that means that you can be working in the Horizon Suite software on your PC and send the design straight to your sewing machine, it doesn’t matter if your computer is in the office and your sewing machine is in your sewing room, with the click of a button the design is there on your sewing machine. Ready and waiting for you to thread up and get embroidering. This is good, but there is still better to come, if you have an iPad or iPad mini, then you can download the 2 Janome apps AcuMonitor and AcuEdit to your iPad. The AcuEdit app allows you to access all of the embroidery designs that come loaded on your Memory Craft 15000 and create embroidery layouts, monogram and edit designs to create your own unique layouts, and these can then be sent from your iPad to your machine via your wireless connection. How good does that sound? Just imagine what you could do. At the moment you can only access the designs which come with the machine, hopefully when the app is updated you will be able to load other designs onto your ipad which you can access through AcuEdit.

The other app is AcuEdit which allows you to monitor the Memory Craft 15000 on your iPad while it is embroidering. That means you can see where it is embroidering, how long left, how many stitches to go and you also get every message on your iPad that comes up on your 15000. So you have a thread break and you are in another room, the iPad app will notify you that the machine has a problem straight away so you can go and fix it up. Imagine how much more sewing you could get done in a day with that sort of connectivity.

Something else that is greatly improved in the Memory Craft 15000 is the speed of the computer processor, this machine is like greased lightning when opening designs and in a first for Janome you no longer have to place your designs in the EMB/EMBF folder. You can just put folders of designs onto a USB key and the 15000 will read them without a problem. Best of all the 15000 will now read a 32GB USB key, no more searching through the shops to find a 2/4 GB key to use in your embroidery machine.

What else is there to say in such a short space of time. There are over 400 embroidery designs built into the machine and about the same number of stitches as well. The machine sews faster and quieter than any of the previous models and another big improvement is the needle threader, it will truly thread the needle for you at the press of a button, it is a very impressive needle threader.

The 15000 also comes with Janomes AcuFil Hoop and an improved AcuFil calculator so you can create great quilting over your next quilt.


At the moment pricing hasn’t been made available to us, but we do know that we will have the Janome Memory Craft 15000 in store on the 14th of October 2013, after another intensive training weekend with Janome in Brisbane on the 12th & 13th.

Would you like to receive the latest information on the Memory Craft 15000 as soon as it comes to hand, then fill out the form below and we will contact you with dates of when stock will be available and in conjunction with Janome we will put together an amazing special offer to celebrate 30 years of the Janome Memory Craft series and the Janome Memory Craft 15000.