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Fringe Designs on the Janome MC 15000

Open your machine into Embroidery Mode.

Select the flower icon on the home screen, this will open up your built-in designs.

At the top of the screen select the flower icon, this will take you into the different designs groups.

Using the arrows, scroll down until you reach the 4th page.

Select the “Fringe Designs”

Select design #4. Ok until you are in the ready to sew screen.

Hoop up the SQ14 hoop with your fabric and a medium weight tear away stabilizer.

Start Stitching out the design.


Complete all colour changes until the design is completed.


Remove the fabric from the hoop and remove the tear away stabilizer from the back.

Cut back the white bobbin from on the reverse side of the embroidery.


Once you have removed all the bobbin fill, turn the embroidery over to the right side. Using a pair of tweezers gently pull the embroidery thread back through the fabric. Once you have fulled all the thread back through run the thread in a circular motion to create a fuzzy effect. Finish by applying a drop of fray stop to the reverse side on the flower center.