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Free Motion Quilting with the Skyline S7

So I finally picked up one of those “Adult” colouring in books the other day from my local newsagents and I had a light bulb moment.

These things are awesome for anyone wanting to free motion, whether you are a beginner or an advanced beginner with many years experience (we don’t like people to say they have mastered an art, because when you believe you have mastered anything it is a quick and slippery slope down) these books are awesome.

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Just have a look at these 2 pages, we have a custom made free motion layout here for us ready to go.

What I have done is then cut a 12 inch square of white homespun and then traced the outline of the animals and the border of each unique area to be free motioned using an air erasable pen.

From here I made a quilt sandwich using a second 12 inch square of homespun and a 12 inch square of wadding.

Then I set up my Skyline S7 for Free Motion Quilting, follow these steps to set up your S7 for free motion.

Select the Sewing Applications Menu>Quilting Menu>Free Quilting and the select the option in the bottom left hand corner, this is the option for straight stitch using the QC/QO foot.


The reason that I use this stitch is because the foot floats across the fabric, it doesn’t bounce up and down like the PD-H or Darning foot.


This gives me greater control over my stitching and I can set the height of the foot so that I have a little bit of drag on the fabric or none at all.

Because I am trying to draw with my sewing machine I will slow the speed down to around 3/4 speed using the speed slider on the front of the machine.

From here it is all fun and games and I use the drawn lines as a guide for my free motion quilting, sometimes you just have to change something in the design as you are stitching and sometimes you have to improvise on the go.

Check out the video we did of how to set up your S7 for Free Motion