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Embroidery Editor for Janome MC500e

The Embroidery Editor that comes boxed with the Janome Memory Craft 500e is a great program that allows you to take your embroidery designs and personalise them. The other great thing that the embroidery editor will let you do is view your embroidery designs, because there is nothing more frustrating than having a desire to embroider, but not being able to easily see what your embroidery designs look like until you load them into your machine.

The embroidery editor software will let you

  • view designs
  • resize up to 120% of the original design size
  • resize down to 80% of the original size
  • create design layouts/ combine designs in one hooping
  • change colour schemes of embroidery designs
  • add lettering
  • create letting
  • create monograms

The embroidery editor software won’t let you create your own designs, but it does give you all the basic tools that you need to get going with your embroidery machine.

Check out our quick youtube tutorial below and hit us up with any questions that you have in the comments box