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Embroidery Club- July 16, 17 or 18

In the hoop quilting project for July 2013 emb class
In the hoop quilting project for July 2013 emb class

Embroidery club in July is a pink ribbon cushion, using a quilting in the hoop pattern. That is right quilting in the hoop, no precise cutting, pinning and piecing. That is all done in the hoop by the embroidery machine. This is a great hands on class which will give you all the tools you need to be able to create all of those wonderful in the hoop projects which you have been seeing around the internet lately.



Empty bobbin

Embroidery thread in black and pink

1/2m of light weight wadding

1/2m of Pink homespun

1/2m off Black homespun


Embroidery machine and hoops

ATA Card or USB stick to transfer the design to your machine.


16, 17 or 18th of July starting at 10am. You choose the day which suits you the best. The project will be completed in class so you aren’t taking home another UFO.


Unsure if your machine is suitable to do this class, then give us a call on 5482 1296 and we will be able to advise you, generally we can accomodate  all makes and models of embroidery machine.


Don’t have an embroidery machine, but would like to have a go at this project, then we can set you up on an embroidery machine in the shop for the class.