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Easy and Accurate Seam Allowances

Picture this:

You are sewing a pair of pants, the outer leg seam and the pattern calls for a 5/8″ seam allowance. Sounds easy, but how big is a 5/8″ seam allowance? Do I draw a line on the fabric and then follow the line? There is a 5/8 marking on my needle plate, maybe I could just use  that?

You could try any of those things, or if you have a Janome Memory Craft 15000/12000/9900/11000 ver2.0 and higher/8900/7700 or 8200 with optional Cloth Guide you could set the machines Cloth guide to the required allowance.

You then have a nice large & high guide extending a long way in front of the needle, which will let you get easy and accurate seam allowances every time.

IMG_1237For the Memory Craft 8900/8200/7700, clip the guide into the free arm of the machine and just slide it along, until you get it to the desired seam allowance and you are ready to rock & roll.




For the Janome Memory Craft 15000/12000/9900/11000 ver2.0 and higher, follow these easy steps

1. Attach your embroidery carriage, but don’t open out the arm (Memory Craft 11000, skip this step, your embroidery carriage is always attached)

2. Touch the Cloth Guide Icon





3. Press ok and the embroidery carriage will move to the left

4. Select your desired Seam Allowance. If your measurements are in milimeters and you wouldIMG_1236 like them in inches, go to settings and change them there.





5. Attach the Cloth Guide and enjoy easy and accurate seam allowances all the time.