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Easy 1/4″ Seams with Janome Sewing & Embroidery Machines

The “Sewing Applications” screen on your Janome Sewing & Embroidery machine is a treasure trove of common sewing applications, designed to make your life easier.

For instance to do an easy & accurate 1/4″ seam on Memory Craft 15000/12000/11000/9900 all you need to do is

IMG_1255Step 1. Select the “t-shirt” icon






Step 2. Select “Patchwork”





IMG_1257Step 3. Select the desired stitch




Step 4. Attach the 1/4″ Seam Foot or “O” foot

IMG_1235Step 5. Press the “cloth guide” icon







IMG_1258Step 6. Set the cloth guide to 11/32 of an inch. I know this sounds like a funny measurement, but it lines up perfectly with the guide on the 1/4″ foot.

The reason for this is that the cloth guide measurements are worked off the center needle position, but on a 9mm machine you aren’t sewing with the needle in the center when you sew a 1/4″ seam. Hence why you need to set the cloth guide to11/32″.

Step 7. Sew your first piece.

IMG_1259Step 8. The machine will ask you once you are finished if you would like to do stitch the same piece length. Press “OK” if you are. Because the machine will then stitch the same number of stitches over and over again, with a tie off stitch and then cutting the thread for you at the end of each. (If you are lucky enough to own a Memory Craft 15000 or Memory Craft 12000 the machine will also raise the foot)

Step 9. Enjoy