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Creating Fabric Textures

One of the things that we like to do in the shop is take a boring old piece of solid colour fabric and turn it into a unique piece that we can then use to make something. We have used this for quilts, book covers, bags, garments etc. and it is so easy to do.

Just take your piece of material and start stitching, if you would like a bit more body to it then add some light weight wadding behind the fabric.

Grid quilting is by far the easiest technique here, all you have to do is mark a horizontal and a vertical straight line and sew each of those line with any stitch you like. Then just use the width of the foot as a guide quilt the whole piece of fabric with either the same stitch or a variety of stitches.

Below are a couple of examples of what you can do.

1. Grid Quilt with Variegated cotton







2. Stippling







3. Grid quilt with Hand Look Stitch








4. Decorative stitches over homespun






5. Grid quilting









We have found all of the examples above to be very effective in creating wonderful texture in our projects.