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Project: Christmas Applique Table Runner

I really do love getting my Christmas stitch on. One of my favourite projects is the Christmas Applique Table Runner that we ran as a class project last month. I love this project so much, I want to share it with you all.

So to start with  we need to cut out the following fabrics:

Light Green Fabric cut out three 8″ circles

Brown Fabric cut out three 3″ x  1 1/2″ rectangles

In the chosen back ground fabric we need to cut three 11″x 11″ squares. What I did for my table runner was to have two of the three squares the same and to have the middle square a contrasting colour.

Out of the panel fabric that is used for the boarders, we will need to cut two 3″x 11 1/2″ rectangles and two 3″ x 40″ rectangles.

We need to cut one 20″ x 40″ rectangle of wadding and a rectangle 20″ x 40″ out of the backing fabric.



Iron easy fix on to the reverse side of the green 8″ circles .

Heat set the 8″ circles to the 11″ squares, remembering to keep them centered.


Select the applique stitch on your sewing machine. Check that you have the stitch width set on 3.5mm and the stitch length of 2.5mm.


Thread your machine with matching thread and attach the clear F foot. Stitch around all three 8″ circles.


Heat set the easy fix on to the reverse side of the brown rectangles.


Trim the corners on the brown fabric into a curve and heat set so that brown fabric is over lapping the green circles.


Rethread the sewing machine with your chosen brown thread and applique around the edge of the brown fabric.


Once you have finished attaching all three brown pieces. Change to the O Foot and stitch all three blocks together using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.


Now we need to attach the two end panel boarder pieces. Pin each of the 3″ x 11 1/2″ pieces to the ends of the row of the three squares that we just stitched together.


Now, attach the larger two panel boarder pieces to the top and bottom sides. Trim away any extra fabric if needed.


Using a wide satin stitch, thread your sewing machine with the black threat and select the satin stitch on your sewing machine.


Stitch the decorative satin stitch into place on all three squares.


Layer the runner so that the backing is on the bottom and then the wadding and finally the top panel, pin with safety pins to hold the layers together. Change the thread on your sewing machine so that it will blend with the three squares. Attach the even feed foot to your machine and ditch quilt around the three squares.



When you have finished the quilting, pin the 25mm bias binding to the top side of the table runner.


Attach the binding using a straight stitch. I personally find it easier to stitch the binding on using the VD AcuFeed Flex foot.  This foot is available with the Janome MC 15000, Janome MC 12000 and the Skyline s7.


When you have finished stitch the binding down on the front, turn is over and pin on to the back of the table runner. I like to hand stitch the back side down by hand.