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Janome Digitizer V5 Project: Zentangles Quilt Block

Every month we run a Janome Digitizer V5 workshop, where Katrina will take you step by step through the process of creating an embroidery design.

In the May workshop, Katrina taught us all how to create a zentangle quilt block, using one of the built in graphic files that comes with the Janome Digitizer V5 software. (Our next Janome Digitizer V5 workshops will be on the 31st May at 8pm and the 1st of June at 10am, Queensland time)

To download the class notes click here and enjoy the presentation below


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May Digitizer Workshop: Zen Quilting Embroidery Design

If you have always wanted to create amazing quilting patterns, but have never been able to get your hands to do what you want when you free motion, then we have the solution for you.

Katrina has put together a great workshop on how to create your very own “zen quilting”pattern to embroider out on your embroidery machine.

You will be the envy of your quilting friends overnight, with the amazing array of quilting patterns you will be able to create overnight after this workshop.

The cost is $9.99 for those attending instore or for those who aren’t lucky enough to live in sunny Gympie, then you can tune in for free online, through our virtual classroom.

In May we have two great times available for you to pop into our virtual classroom

  1. 8pm, Wednesday 3rd of May (6am New York, 11am London)
  2. 10am, Thursday 4th of May (3rd May 8pm in New York, Thursday 4 May 1am in London)

To sign up click here


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Embroidered Applique: Created with the Artistic Edge Cutter and Simple Cut Software

In our April 2017 Artistic Edge Cutter workshop, Katrina taught us all how to easily create a cutter file and the corresponding embroidery design.

This allows you to create a cutter file, cut out the fabric and then do an applique embroidery using your embroidery machine!!!

All from the included software and all using one of the included graphic files, how good is that?

Check out the video tutorial below and if you would like to grab the class notes, get them here, they are a free download.

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Getting to know your Digitizer V5 software

Katrina has a passion for digitizing, indeed many of the designs that you will see hanging in our store have been digitized by Katrina, from scratch, using the Digitizer software from Janome.

Every month we hold a Digitizer V5 workshop, that is completely hands on and can be attended both instore or you can log on via our virtual classroom.

At the moment our online classes are completely free and you receive access to the classroom, class notes, recording of the class and the demonstration of how to create the embroidery design.

Our instore classes are a cheap $15, and receive everything above, but you also receive the added bonus of Katrina and Peters knowledge in assisting you through the design.

Have a look at one of our latest Digitizer V5 workshops below, and if you would like to join us, our next workshop will be held on the 3rd of May at 8pm and on the 4th of May at 10am, register here to join.

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Create a butterfly cut out

When you buy an Artistic Edge Cutter, you also receive the amazing Simple Cut software, that will allows you to not only use the built in cutter files, but also lets you create your own amazing cutter files.

Katrina has put together a little video on  how you can create your own butterfly cutter file, specifically designed to be used with a heat set vinyl, which makes this a perfect project to add that little bit extra to a plain t-shirt, or maybe even a jacket?

Check out the video below of how to create the design. We regularly run classes on how to use the simple cut software, both instore and online interactive, if you would like to join a class go to the workshops tab above.

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Have a sneak peek in our virtual classroom

Earlier in March we ran an Artistic Edge and Simple Cut 7.1 software class in our virtual classroom as a trial run. We had people from Australia, USA and Canada join us for the class and it was a rousing success in our eyes.

Everyone was able to ask questions of Katrina and she was able to answer these as we went through  the class. We are very excited to be holding another class in our virtual classroom next month on the Janome Digitizer V5 software.

Have a look at the recording of our first class here

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Simple Cut Software & Artistic Edge Cutter Workshop

Simple Cut Software & Artistic Edge Cutter Workshop




Here is the link to the recording of the class

When: Firday 17 March, 10am AEST

Cost: $15-


  • Laptop computer with Simple Cut 7.1 software loaded
  • Artistic Edge Digital Cutter
  • Note Book

In this workshop you will learn how to create a vinyl butterfly cutout, skills you will learn

  • import clipart into Simple Cut 7.1
  • create and edit your own cutter file created from clipart
  • transfer design from Simple Cut 7.1 to Artistic Edge Digital Cutter
  • setting up Artistic Edge Cutter for cutting vinyl
  • cutting vinyl

The Simple Cut Software and Artistic Edge Cutter workshop is being offered as both an instore and interactive online class for March, because it is our trial run using the virtual classroom live, this class will be free for to online attendees, all you need to do is contact us at or fill out the form below

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Janome Sewing Applications Menu Workshop

Sewing Applications Menu Workshop

When: 27 April, 10am start

Where: Woodrow Handcrafts, 105 Mary St, Gympie

Have you ever looked at you Janome MC15000, 14000, 12000, 11000, 9900, 9400, Skyline S9 or Skyline S7 and wondered what the button with the picture of a T-Shirt does?

The Sewing Applications Menu

This is the Janome Sewing Applications menu and it is the “hidden” gem that makes sewing on a Janome so much easier than any other machine.

What the Janome sewing applications menu does is it allows you to easily set up your Janome machine for things like Seaming, Zippers, Button Sewing, Patchwork, Applique and Quilting, as long as many others are included within the Sewing Applications menu and they will revolutionise the way that you use your Janome.

During the class you will make a great project that utilises many of the features of the Sewing Applications Menu, to give you a greater understanding of how each of the stitches is designed for optimal stitching and how to navigate around your machine.

This workshop would suit everyone from the novice first time user to the experienced veteran, there is always more to learn about these great Janome’s.

The class is a hands on class and will be offered as both In-Store and OnLine.

Attendees will receive

  • Notes
  • Video Presentation
  • Recording of the class for latter reference and too follow along with

Sign Up Today

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March 2017- Classes and Workshops

March 2

Janome Digitizer MBX Workshop 10am-1pm ($15)

Learn how to use the Janome Digitizer MBX V5.0 program to its full potential, you can easily create your own embroidery patterns from cliparts, pictures and your own original art works. Katrina will teach you the step by step process to creating this months embroidery project.

March 9

Your Choice Sewing, Embroidery, Quilting or Craft, 10am-1pm ($15)

This is a great class where everyone works on their own projects, and you can get help on just about any project you bring along.

March 15

Lutterloh Pattern Drafting and Garment Construction, 10am-1pm ($15)

The Lutterloh system is a great pattern drafting system that takes your personal measurements and then allows you to draft your own custom fitted patterns.

March 17

Artistic Edge Cutter & SimpleCut Software, 10am-1pm ($15)

The Artistic Edge Cuter is a very powerful creative tool and the SimpleCut software that comes with it is the brains behind entire operation. In these classes Katrina will be teaching how to use the software primarily, with a bit of practical cutting thrown in for good measure. Once you know what you can do with the software side of the Artistic Edge Cutter, then you can really get going with the cutting.

March 25

Inspirational Acrylic Canvas Workshop, 10am-1pm ($40)

Create a magical acrylic on canvas piece to take pride of place in your home. Kaia will take you through the entire creative process to create this inspirational masterpiece.



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2017 Class List

In 2017, Woodrow Handcrafts have a bumper crop of classes planned with a number of regular instore and online classes planned. We are also in talks with a number of local artists and tutors to hold some exciting Workshop Days later in the year.

Janome Digitizer MBX

First Thursday (February-November) Month, 10am start

Learn about every facet of the Digtizer MBX software as Katrina takes you step by step through a new embroidery design and technique each class.

Katrina has been using the Digitizer software for the past 6 years and is constantly practicing and updating her digitizing skills.

Skills you will learn

  • importing clipart/ pictures
  • creating outlines
  • embroidery fills
  • satin stitch from basics to advanced techniques
  • how to adjust specific design elements
  • and lots more

Your Choice Sewing

Second Thursday (February-November) each month, 10am start

You bring in the project that you would like to work on or come in and get Peter and Katrina to give you a hand.

Bring in a quilt, patchwork, embroidery, garment or craft project that you are working on and have a great time.

Pattern Drafting and Sewing (Lutterloh Pattern Drafting System)

The Lutterloh system is a great pattern drafting system that allows you to take two body measurements and then draft out your own unique pattern.

This is a great way to learn about

  • pattern drafting
  • cutting your pattern
  • cutting your fabric
  • sewing it all together