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Artistic Edge Digital Cutter Workshop

The 19th of May is the day for our next Artistic Edge Digital Cutter workshop, the workshop is held instore and online in our virtual class room.

In this workshop we will be creating a “reverse applique” design in two parts, a cutter part and an embroidery part (even if you don’t have an embroidery machine you can still use this pattern and it is always handy to know more about what the program and cutter are capable of).

To join the class come along to 105 Mary Street, Gympie for a 10am start. You will need your laptop, with the SimpleCut Ver 7.1 installed and a notebook.

If you can get to the store, then jump online here and join our class from the comfort of your own home.

We hope to see you instore or online soon.

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Software Update: Artistic Edge Simple Cut Software

Artistic Creative Products have released a software update for the Artistic Edge Cutter software this month. The new update will update the software to SimpleCut 7.1.8661.

You can download the latest update here

Download the Installation Instructions here

If you are not comfortable updating the software yourself, then come along a little bit earlier on Friday and we can update the software for you.

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Janome Digitizer V5 Project: Zentangles Quilt Block

Every month we run a Janome Digitizer V5 workshop, where Katrina will take you step by step through the process of creating an embroidery design.

In the May workshop, Katrina taught us all how to create a zentangle quilt block, using one of the built in graphic files that comes with the Janome Digitizer V5 software. (Our next Janome Digitizer V5 workshops will be on the 31st May at 8pm and the 1st of June at 10am, Queensland time)

To download the class notes click here and enjoy the presentation below


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Digitizer V5 Project: Seahorse Embroidery

Here is another one of the great workshops that Katrina holds on the Janome Digitizer V5 software, in this project you will create a seahorse.

The project uses one of the included graphic files and that is then imported into the Digitizer V5 software and from there you create away.

Katrina takes you step by step through the entire process of creating the embroidery design and then ensure that you have optimized the design for a top quality stitch out.

Have a look at the video tutorial below, and if you would like to join us for a digitizer workshop our next online and instore workshops are at 8pm on the 3rd of May and 10am on the 4th of May, register to join us here


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Embroidered Applique: Created with the Artistic Edge Cutter and Simple Cut Software

In our April 2017 Artistic Edge Cutter workshop, Katrina taught us all how to easily create a cutter file and the corresponding embroidery design.

This allows you to create a cutter file, cut out the fabric and then do an applique embroidery using your embroidery machine!!!

All from the included software and all using one of the included graphic files, how good is that?

Check out the video tutorial below and if you would like to grab the class notes, get them here, they are a free download.

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Getting to know your Digitizer V5 software

Katrina has a passion for digitizing, indeed many of the designs that you will see hanging in our store have been digitized by Katrina, from scratch, using the Digitizer software from Janome.

Every month we hold a Digitizer V5 workshop, that is completely hands on and can be attended both instore or you can log on via our virtual classroom.

At the moment our online classes are completely free and you receive access to the classroom, class notes, recording of the class and the demonstration of how to create the embroidery design.

Our instore classes are a cheap $15, and receive everything above, but you also receive the added bonus of Katrina and Peters knowledge in assisting you through the design.

Have a look at one of our latest Digitizer V5 workshops below, and if you would like to join us, our next workshop will be held on the 3rd of May at 8pm and on the 4th of May at 10am, register here to join.

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Create a butterfly cut out

When you buy an Artistic Edge Cutter, you also receive the amazing Simple Cut software, that will allows you to not only use the built in cutter files, but also lets you create your own amazing cutter files.

Katrina has put together a little video on  how you can create your own butterfly cutter file, specifically designed to be used with a heat set vinyl, which makes this a perfect project to add that little bit extra to a plain t-shirt, or maybe even a jacket?

Check out the video below of how to create the design. We regularly run classes on how to use the simple cut software, both instore and online interactive, if you would like to join a class go to the workshops tab above.

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Embroidery Editor for Janome MC500e

The Embroidery Editor that comes boxed with the Janome Memory Craft 500e is a great program that allows you to take your embroidery designs and personalise them. The other great thing that the embroidery editor will let you do is view your embroidery designs, because there is nothing more frustrating than having a desire to embroider, but not being able to easily see what your embroidery designs look like until you load them into your machine.

The embroidery editor software will let you

  • view designs
  • resize up to 120% of the original design size
  • resize down to 80% of the original size
  • create design layouts/ combine designs in one hooping
  • change colour schemes of embroidery designs
  • add lettering
  • create letting
  • create monograms

The embroidery editor software won’t let you create your own designs, but it does give you all the basic tools that you need to get going with your embroidery machine.

Check out our quick youtube tutorial below and hit us up with any questions that you have in the comments box


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What do you create with your Artistic Edge Cutter?

We love the Artistic Edge cutter, because it such a versatile tool that can cut a variety of different materials.

Katrina regularly cuts fabric for applique, vinyl, heat set vinyl, template plastic and more.

The Artistic Edge cutters come with a wonderful software package, SimpleCut, and this software allows you to create your own unique cutter designs or you can choose from one of the 3,500 included designs.

Buy the Artistic Edge Cutter here Continue reading What do you create with your Artistic Edge Cutter?

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Digitizer MBX V5 Workshop, Instore and Online


Our next Digitizer V5 workshop will be held on the 6th of April at 10am, this class will be available as both an instore and an interactive online workshop.

In the workshop you will learn about the various functions and techniques that are available to owners of the Janome Digitizer V5 software.

The April Digitizer workshop will cover some of the following topics

  • importing graphic files
  • creating stitches
  • altering stitch properties
  • creating holes in stitch areas
  • and much, much, more than we can list here

Because this is a hands on workshop, even if you attend via our online virtual classroom, you are able to ask questions and interact just like you were instore.

The class is $14.99 for instore or $6.99 for online, all customers will receive the class notes, recording of the live class and graphic files needed to create the design. Sign up here

We look forward to seeing you in class.