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Butterfly Oven Mitts

If you have a butterfly lover out there in your family or you just would like to add something a little fresh to your kitchen, these butterfly oven mitts are just what you need. This is one of those great  projects that you can whip up in no time.


1/2m  fat quarter of quilting fabric

1/2m  of InsulBrite Batting

Contrasting scarps of quilting fabrics

Matching sewing thread for constructions

Decorative thread to machine

Tailors Chalk

Sewing machine and general accessories

Sewing Pins

Scrap of rick rack (black)

5″ block of visofix



Download the templates and print to a standard A4.

IMG_20160610_0002 IMG_20160610_0001

Firstly, you will need to press the quilting fabric so that it is ready to have the templates pinned to it. Pin the butterfly template to the chosen fabric colours. Remember that you will need two of each template, so you will need to fold fabric right sides together. Pin the templates into place and cut each one out.


Next you will need to grab the piece of visofix and you will need to trace the circles and teardrop templates onto the paper side of the visofix with a pencil.


Cut the pieces out of the visofix and heat set them to the wrong side of your chosen fabric.

When they have cooled, cut the pieces of fabric out around the visofix and remove the paper backing.


Now you will need to attach the circles and the teardrops to the wings of the butterfly. When you have heat set them with the iron, you can now set you your sewing machine. Thread the sewing machine with your chosen threads and select the blanket stitch. Stitch around the outside of the shapes.


Now you will need to attach the lining to the inside of the wings. So what you will need to do is pin the fabrics right side to right side and using a 1/4″ seam allowance, stitch along the straight edge in the inner side of the wings.


Turn the fabrics back so that the correct sides are facing out. Press with an iron.

Now make a sandwich, using the insuBrite and the butterfly wings. Trim back any extra fabric and top stitch along the inner straight edge on the wings. Repeat this on both wings.


Now you can put the wings aside for a moment. Pin the insulBrite between the two butterfly body pieces and using a straight stitch and the edge of the foot as a guide, grid quilt the three layers together.


Now you should have all the three pieces ready to be put together. Pin the wings over the top of the back piece on each side, so that they form a pocket at the front center. Using a straight stitch with a length of 3mm, baste the wings to the butterfly base.


Now, select the wide satin stitch on your sewing machine. For this project you will need to take the width to 7mm and stitch around the edge on the butterfly. Repeat this task twice.  To finish the butterfly off by attaching 8cm  piece of black rick rack to the top of the butterfly.