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Create Your Own Embroidery Designs with Janome Digitizer MBX 4.5

Have you ever searched and searched all over for a specific style of embroidery design, only to have no luck finding it?
With the Digitizer MBX program you can create your own professional quality embroidery designs.

In another installment on the Digitizer MBX program Katrina will teach you how to create your own unique embroidery design, using one of the clipart files included with the Digitzer MBX program.

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Last Days to Claim Your Gift Voucher

Don’t forget that to come and claim your Janome Memory Craft 15000 Gift Voucher.

This gift voucher will get you an extra $1,000 off the advertised catalogue price of $9,999, which brings the price down to $8,999 and you also receive the Janome Digitizer MBX Ver 5.0 software. so that you can create all kinds of amazing embroidery designs.

Be quick, because we can’t remember a time when Janome have been so generous with their Top of the Line Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery machine.

As always when you purchase from Woodrow Handcrafts you receive unlimited free lessons on how to use your Memory Craft 15000 and we also run a monthly Digitizer MBX class so that you can get the most out of your sewing machine and your software.

Find out more about the Janome Memory Craft here and then purchase here


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Last Minute Christmas Sewing Machine Deal

Janome have just reduced the price of the Memory Craft 5200 from $1,499 to $799, this is a great sewing machine for someone who is interested in creating their own garments, craft sewing, as well as quilting and patchwork.

The MC5200 is a great feature packed sewing machine, click here to find out more

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Things We Love: Patchwork Menu

Janome’s have lots of fun little time saving features built into them.

Take for example our focus today, the Patchwork Menu in the Sewing Applications Menu (some of you may only know it as the “T-Shirt menu), this little fella has been floating around in Janome Sewing and Embroidery machines for a while now and what it does is set your machine up for 1/4″ piecing with the 1/4” foot.

The machine then had the capability of repeating the same piecing length for multiple pieces and if you used either of the “Locking” or “Lockamatic” stitches the machine would tie off and cut for you at the end of the piece.

On the Memory Craft 10000 and the Memory Craft 11000, this was a handy little feature, but once Janome released the 12000 and then the 15000 this little “hidden” feature become infinitely more awesome.


Because with the Memory Craft 12000 Janome introduced the Automatic Foot Lift for the first time, which meant that instead of just finishing off the seam and then trimming the thread the machine would now automatically lift the foot for you.

Then at the start of the next piece the machine will lower the foot and start stitching.

Repeating the process ad infinitum until you select that you would like to do a different piecing length.

This finite improvement to the 12000, which has been carried over into the Memory Craft 15000 and now the Premium Sewing Skyline S7, means that you can now save hours and hours of sewing time next time you are piecing a quilt.

Just imagine how many times you lower and raise the presser foot on your sewing machine when you are piecing together a Quilt top.

In this video we show you how to use the Patchwork Menu with the new Janome Skyline S7.

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Calling All Artists and Teachers Who Have a Skill to Share

In 2017, Woodrow Handcrafts are looking to expand their class list to include,

  • Patchwork
  • Water colours
  • Drawing
  • Hand Embroidery
  • Oil painting
  • Knitting
  • Crochet
  • anything else you can suggest, we have the room to accommodate

Peter and Katrina, can’t teach anymore than they already do, so we are seeking Artists and Teachers with a Skill they would like to teach the community to come and have a chat.

We would like to hold regular monthly classes, but we are also interested in hosting one off “Master Class” style workshops as well.

If you or someone you know would be interested in teaching in store, then give us a call on (07) 5482 1296 or send us an email at, to discuss further.




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New Release: Janome MB-7 Embroidery Machine

Janome have just announced the release of their long awaited upgrade to the popular MB-4 embroidery machine, the Janome MB-7


7 Needles and Multi Lighting

With more needles, more thread can be set at one time.  Therefore, the time required for thread exchange is reduced and work efficiency is improved. Plus there are 4 white LED lights to illuminate the hoop area.





Remote Computer Screen (RCS)

The RCS unit has an LCD colour touch screen with a large view area. There is a USB slot on the side for USB Stick and PC connection. The RCS attaches to the MB-7 or is free standing. In conjunction with Janome digitizer MBX you can run up to 3 x MB-7 machines simultaneously and all 3 machines can be embroidering different designs.





MB4-S_2ThreadCutterAutomatic Thread Cutter

The MB-7 automatically cuts jump threads – even between letters – saving you time and hassle.






MB4-S_3BobbinWinderDedicated Bobbin Winding Motor

The independent bobbin winder allows you to wind bobbins while the machine is embroidering – a real time saver.





MB4-S_4ControlUnitSub-Control Panel

Built onto the side of the machine, the sub-control panel allows the MB-7 to be fully functional without the RCS unit attached.





MB4-S_5BiggerBobbins Larger Bobbin

The MB-7 has a larger bobbin than the previous MB-4 type. It can hold 40% more thread so the need to replace the bobbin is reduced.





MB4-S_6HoopsEmbroidery Hoops

Three MB-7 hoops (3 included) snap in and out easily and provide the embroidery areas most often used in the industry. The MB-7 is also fully compatible with industry standard Tajima hoops.

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Claim Your Gift Certificate Today

Janome are offering an unbeatable Christmas Gift when you purchase a Janome Memory Craft 15000.

Receive $1,000 off the special Christmas catalogue price of $9,999 and also receive a FULL version of the Janome Digitizer MBX Ver 5.0 as an extra special Christmas Gift.

When you buy from Woodrow Handcrafts, you don’t just get a fantastic sewing and embroidery machine, as well as the best digitizing software on the market, you get the expert advice and support that Woodrow Handcrafts has been built on.

Katrina is one of the best Digitizer MBX educators in Australia and she runs regular monthly classes and in 2017 will also be producing a monthly Digitizer MBX video tutorial.

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Skyline s7 Applications Menu: Quilting

The Quilting menu in the Sewing Applications menu on the Skyline S7 has 6 options for you and each of those options is unique in it own special way.


This part of the menu will give you 3 styles of straight stitch (one with no programmed lock stitch, one with a lock stitch at the start and finish of a stitch and one that automatically stitch forward and then reverses at the start and finish of you stitch).

All stitches are set for the centre needle position, and stitch length is set slightly longer at 3.0mm to give a nicer quilting stitch.

This stitch is designed to be used as a decorative stitch on a quilt top, not for quilt construction (you would use the Patchwork Menu for construction of a quilt top).




This menu gives you four stitch options, each will only stitch once at a time.

i.e they are designed to be used as decorative accents and not as continuous stitching







This menu will give you stitches that you can use to add texture and detail to your quilt top. There are 3 different options, each with a different stitch weight.







IMG_0757Hand Look QU

This is one of my favorite menus, these stitches look like they have been stitched by hand, when you use the right thread. Stitch number 1 is my favorite stitch in this menu.

Pro Tip: Some of these stitches might look like other stitches available on the machine via the stitch menu, but the devil is in the detail so to speak. Expand the stitch settings menu and take note of the different needle tensions, stitch lengths and foot pressures for the stitches.

Here is a tutorial we did a while ago on how to set your machine up for a Hand Look Stitch.




IMG_0755Free Quilt

Free motion quilting and thread painting with ease, here we come.

The Free Quilt menu sets up your Skyline S7 for free motion stitching, it will even tell you that you need to drop the feed dogs when you first open the menu.






You will then be faced with 4 options.

  1. Straight stitch free motion using the PD-H foot
  2. Zig Zag free motion using the PD-H foot
  3. Straight stitch free motion using the QC/QO floating free motion foot
  4. Zig Zag free motion using the QV floating free motion foot


Personally I have only used the various manifestations of the Floating Free Motion Feet for the past 6 years, since Janome first released one for the Memory Craft 6600p.

The advantage to using the floating free motion foot, is that you can set the foot height so that it just skims the fabric, enabling you full and total control of your fabric movement.

As opposed to the PD-H or as it is more commonly known the Darning Foot, which bounces up and down as the needle moves up and down.

The disadvantage here being that on the downwards motion the foot grabs hold of the fabric, not allowing you free flowing fabric movement.


IMG_0758Variable Zig Zag

This is something a little bit new that Janome bought out with the Memory Craft 12000 and then refined with the Memory Craft 15000 and we the same system now on the Skyline S7.

How the Variable Zig Zag works is you insert the knee lift into the machine, and then you select whether you would like to sew with the feed dogs up (Top 2 options) or the feed dogs down (Bottom 2 options).

Once you have made this decision all you need to do is attach the correct foot and then as you are sewing gently press on the knee lift.

This will start the machine Zig Zagging, no more you push the knee lift the wider the zig zag will become.

Great for all sorts of decorative applications and free motion thread painting.

Here is a tutorial we did on Variable Zig Zag.

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Create Your Own Sewing Stitches


Janome have some amazing software that they give away with their sewing and embroidery machines.

Take for instance the Stitch Composer program, which was first included with the Janome Memory Craft 12000.

Janome then revised the Stitch Composer for the Memory Craft 15000 and they have released a very similar stand alone version with the Skyline S7.

In this tutorial Katrina is going to use the Stitch Composer included with the Janome Memory Craft 15000, but owners of the Skyline S7 will be able to follow along as well.