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Artistic Edge Masterclass


The Artistic Edge Cutter is the creative tool that everyone needs in their craft room.

It can cut paper, plastic, card and fabric into all sorts of fantastical shapes, shapes that you could have only dreamed of cutting before.

In this Masterclass, Katrina will instruct you on how to

  • Import images into the SimpleCut software
  • Create a cutter file from the imported image
  • Cut fabric for applique
  • Create the appliqued piece using your sewing machine


When: 30 June, 9.30am Start

Where: Woodrow Handcrafts, 105 Mary Street, Gympie

Cost: $75, includes fabric, thread, etc.

What You Need to Bring: Computer with SimpleCut software preinstalled, Artistic Edge Cutter, High Tack Mat and Sewing Machine.