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Artistic Edge Digital Cutter


We have had this amazing piece of equipment for only a couple of days instore and it has already revolutionized our work processes in the store.

The Edge will cut paper, card, template plastic, balsa wood, etc, etc, etc, but most importantly it will cut FABRIC.

We aren’t talking boring preset DIEs or pre programmed and pre loaded patterns to make patchwork quilts or the same old, same old applique shapes, like some other cutters.

We are talking if you can draw it, then you can cut it.

The mind boggles as to the free form shapes you can create for OMG (Organic Modern Graphic) Quilts.

This is all possible because the Edge cutter has an easy to use computer interface, where you can create your own shapes to be cut out, take a PDF pattern and have the cutter, cut it out for you or choose from the multitude of designs that come with the Edge.

But wait there is more, not only will the Edge cutter cut out shapes, but the computer side of the Edge will also generate a stitch file for you, so that you can then applique in the hoop. IMG_0123

Take for example this picture here on the left, Peter drew on the computer the shapes for the pot and the petals, plugged that into the simplecut program.

He then asked the computer to cut out the shapes and create a stitch file for the applique. All of this was cut and sewn in under 30 minutes from scratch.



IMG_4076The other way it has really helped us so far, is Katrina was going to make another one of the Cat applique bags this week.

This is a pattern that Katrina created herself and is in a PDF format on her computer.

Normally the process would involve printing the pattern, cutting out, tracing onto iron on fusible, ironing fabric on, cutting out the shapes and then ironing onto the base fabric, before you even start stitching.

This week, we were able to load the pattern into the SimpleCut program, and then get the create the shapes to be cut from the pattern. We were then able to rearrange these pieces so that they could all be cut from one single 12 inch square of fabric with iron on already attached.

Once the cutter had cut the shapes it was just a matter of peeling the pieces off of the cutting mat and placing them as needed. The whole process took 15 minutes from loading the file to placing the cut pieces on the base fabric.

Our initial thoughts on the Artistic Edge is that it is going to be amazing.

We will be able to sketch and draw and create on our tablets and computers and then have the cutter cut out amazing shapes in very little time.

Giving us more time to stitch and create.