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Artistic Edge Cutter Specials

October 2016 is the time to be buying an Artistic Edge Cutter, not only are the prices fantastic, but Woodrows have put together a pretty amazing bonus pack to go with your brand new Artistic Edge Cutter.

For every Artistic Edge Cutter bought in October, you will get two projects (download from website, valued at $49 each), and an Essential Edge package (Hook Tool, Squeegee and Large High Tack Mat (12×24 inch or 15×30 inch, depending on Edge model), total pack value $170.

The Digitial Cutters from Artistic are the best on the market and come with the Artistic SimpleCut software so that you can create all sorts of amazing designs to be cut, etched, drawn, embossed and punched.

The SimpleCut software, included in the box, allows you to create your own unique designs, you can even create embroidery designs to enable you to create “In the Hoop Applique Designs”.

But best of all, for anyone who buys an Artistic Edge Cutter from Woodrow Handcrafts, you have access to one of the most knowledgeable people in the country, in the amazing Katrina.

Katrina is always more than happy to share her knowledge and expertise with our customers.

For a limited time only the Edge 12 is $399 and the Edge 15 is $799

cutter-EDGE12-images cutter--EDGE15-images